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The Let's Go East Ren digital magazine is run by husband and wife team, Keith and Margaret Stoddart, who live in the East Renfrewshire area.

It was set up in early 2013 to help and encourage the people of East Renfrewshire to live a more sustainable lifestyle without them having to become 'ECO Warriers' and certainly without any preaching!.

Keith has always been interested in environmental issues which led him to play a major part in the local environmental group, Go Greener. The group ran for over 5 years and whilst it has now disbanded, the ethos of informing and inspiring people about 'greener' issues lives on in this magazine. See below what Go Greener had achieved.

Keith says "This mag has been in our thoughts for a long time and when Go Greener, as a group, had run its course, we decided this was the right time to set up the mag and continue the good work". He continues "We wanted it to be totally free to everyone and have little impact on the environment. We set out to publish it online only and with the advent of tablets and smartphones we knew this was the best media for us to choose."

It is a bi monthly magazine with updates on the website as well as social media.



Go Greener has accomplished a great deal over the years and below is a list of just some of its successes.



  • Working group set up by Cllr Phillips (then Convenor of the Environment Committee, East Renfrewshire Council), Savio D'Souza and Andy Cahill
  • Also included Lorna Wallace on secondment from ERC and Keith Stoddart (current Treasurer)


  • Official launch (March 2008) with 50 attendees; Eddie Phillips first Chairperson
  • Go Greener Day 1 (Sept 2008), 800 attendees, guest speaker Chris Hines MBE


  • Family Festival (August 2009), guests Dougie Henshall, John Smeaton
  • Apple Day 1 (Sept 2009), 800 attendees
  • Finalist, Best Green Campaigner Award
  • School seminar at St Ninian's HS, 30 attendees - ECO teachers with guest speaker Paul Cortopassi of Keep Scotland Beautiful


  • Schools conference at Woodfarm HS - attended by 45 ECO teachers, pupil ECO Committees and distinguished guests
  • Weather & climate - past, present and future, talk by TV weatherman Alex Hill (2010)
  • Student from Aberdeen University funded by ERC provided support for Apple Day 2
  • Apple Day 2 (Sept 2010), 2000 attendees
  • Participation in Climate Change debate, Scottish Parliament
  • Best Green Campaigner Award from SEPA


  • Three students from Caledonian University funded by ERC provided support for Go Greener Day 2
  • Go Greener Day 2 (March 2011), 800 attendees
  • Apple Day 3 (Aug 2011), 800 Attendees
  • Glyn Jones becomes new Chairperson
  • Constitution simplified, and Management Committee of 8 members established


  • Orchard Launch (Feb 2012), representatives from 30 organisations, speaker Chris Hines MBE
  • High School Conference (Mar 2012) all East Renfrewshire High Schools represented, speaker Heather Reid OBE
  • Apple Day 4 (Sept 2012)

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